Lab 4 Wiring Solar Panels: Instructions and Writeup Assignment

For each of these modules, provide the following analysis and discussion. As a general rule, you should present all of your raw data in a table or other easy to read format. If you are asked to show calculations, you can show one calculation or formula as an example and indicate that the rest of calculations were performed that way.

  1. Individual Solar Cell Analysis
  2. Take 4 individual solar cells outside and measure the output voltage of each cell individually using a voltmeter and a load. What voltage are you generating? How does this compare to what you would expect? How much power are you generating? How do these values differ for the different solar cells?

  3. Solar Panel Analysis
  4. Measure the voltage and power output of your wired solar panel. How does this compare to the output of each solar cell that you previously measured? Is this what you expected? Why or why not? Explain what is happening electrically in your system.

    Cover up about one quarter of one cell… how does doing so affect the output of your panel? Why does this occur?

  5. Conclusion
  6. What did you learn from the lab that could be applied to building solar panels? What were the most difficult aspects of wiring the solar cells together? What are some changes you could make to the process to make it easier and/or less painful?

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