As part of 6.453, each student must write a term paper consisting of: 1) outside reading on a topic relevant to quantum optical communication, and 2) preparation and submission of a written report based on this reading.

It is not the intent of the term-paper requirement that original research be performed. You may choose a topic related to your thesis work, but the term paper should not be a reproduction of work already done for that thesis.

In order to help you plan your time, the following schedule has been established:

11 Term paper rules and suggested topics list distributed, in class
11-16 Preliminary reading in support of topic selection; consultation with Prof. Shapiro as necessary
16 One paragraph term-paper proposals due, in class
16-23 Reading and term-paper preparation
23 Term papers due, in class


Potential topics include:

  • Hidden variables and Bell's inequalities
  • Quantum non-demolition measurements
  • Quantum-state tomography
  • Quantum-state source coding
  • Quantum-state channel coding
  • Quantum error-correcting codes
  • Quantum cryptography
  • Quantum detection theory
  • Quantum estimation theory
  • Quantum phase
  • Feedback photodetection
  • Nonclassical light-beam generation in optical fiber
  • Quantum imaging
  • Linear optics quantum computing
  • Sources of polarization-entangled photon pairs
  • Quantum precision measurements

An extended version of this assignment with references is available here: (PDF)