In the table below, "Communication assignment" refers to the form that the student's written assignment should take. For example, if the assignment refers to "press release," the student's submission should be in the form of a press release. "Communication hors d'oeuvre" refers to the introductory first half hour of class that is spent discussing communication heuristics.

Some assignments may refer to "WRT," which stands for "Winston's Reading Time" – the length of time the professor needed to read the paper, which students can use to estimate their reading time, once they have calibrated themselves against the professor on the first few assignments.

Topics Communication
Hors d'Oeuvre
1 Winston reflects on the first 50 years (PDF)    
2 Turing suggests test for success (PDF)   Broken glass diagram
3 Minsky lays out steps toward creating AI (PDF) Broken glass diagram Abstracts/Conclusions
4 Ullman explains streams and counter streams (PDF) Abstracts/Conclusions Elevators, Visions, Steps, News
5 Brooks denies value of representations (PDF) Abstracts/Conclusions Fonts and contributions
6 Feldman and Ballard argue for connectionism (PDF) Abstracts/Conclusions Knowledge engineering
7 Marr speaks to what constitutes good work (PDF) Breakfast talk Spider web evaluations
8 Minsky predicts important role for perception (PDF) Email critique Winston's star
9 Ullman confronts top-down-bottom-up issue (PDF) Abstract/conclusion Emulation (Watson, McPherson)
10 Rao offers explanation for acquisition of visual routines (PDF) Cover Letter Helping friends talk
11 Kirby offers insight into emergence of syntax (PDF) Slide show Slide shows heuristics
12 Borchardt focues on transitions (PDF) Slide show Book covers
13 Jackendoff grounds out in the world (PDF) Tenure letter Press Release
14 Yip and Sussman use sparse spaces to model learning of phonological rules (PDF) Press Release How to pick a graduate school
15 Lenat builds machine accessible encyclopedia (PDF) Business assessment Grilling and being grilled
16 Spelke determines what infants find surprising (PDF) Trip report How to run a conference
17 Borchardt tells all (PDF) How to run a conference  
18 Vaina and Greenblatt attack trees; Sutherland calls for courage (PDF) Journal Review How to interview on camera; How to write a journal review
19 Geiger argues that dyslexics see too much; Bizzi explains what the frog's brain tells the frog's leg (PDF) Letter to author(s) How to threaten constructively
20 Spelke demonstrates role of language in reorientation; Wilson demonstrates possible role for sleep (PDF) Textbook chapter opening How to write a book
21 Sur rewires brains (PDF) Letter proposal to NSF How to write a proposal
22 Guest: Jerome Lettvin; Also, Lettvin explains what the frog's eye tells the frog's brain (PDF) Slides  
23 Yuret lays a foundation for language semantics (PDF) Quad chart How to run a study / Terms of Reference
24 Gentner recalls the importance of analogy (PDF) Slides & legends report Panel discussions

Assignment (PDF)

End Game

Helping a buddy Boyfriend in a box

Assignment, part I (PDF)
Assignment, part II (PDF)

End Game

Helping a buddy Message to Garcia
27 Makeup assignment I (PDF)    
28 Makeup assignment II (PDF)