Communication assignment refers to the form that the student's written assignment should take. For example, if the assignment refers to "press release," the student's submission should be in the form of a press release. Some of the assignments refer to "WRT," which stands for "Winston's Reading Time." This refers to the length of time the professor needed to read the paper, which students can use to estimate their reading time, once they have calibrated themselves against the professor on the first few assignments.


1 Winston Reflects on the First 50 years  
2 Turing Suggests Test for Success Paper Decoding (PDF)
3 Minsky Lays Out Steps Toward Creating AI Broken Glass Diagrams (PDF)
4 Brooks Denies Value of Representations Davis and Friends Affirm Value of Representations Contributions (PDF)
5 Marr Speaks to What Constitutes Good Work Talking Points (PDF)
6 Ullman Explains Visual Routines Abstract/Conclusion (PDF)
7 Ullman Introduces Goldilocks Theory Press Release (PDF)
8 Rao Offers Explanation for Acquisition of Visual Routines Cover Letter (PDF)
9 Borchardt Focuses on Transitions

Tenure Letter (PDF)

10 Jackendoff Grounds Out in Trajectories

Recommendation Letter (PDF)

11 Vaina and Grearenblatt Condemn Trees

Slide Shows (PDF)

12 Minsky Predicts Important Role for Perception

Email Critique (PDF)

13 Spelke Demonstrates Role of Language in Reorientation

Interview (PDF)

14 Geiger Argues that Dyslexics See too Much

Letter to Author(s) (PDF)

15 Kirby Speculates on the Emergence of Syntax Sutherland Calls for Courage

Journal Review (PDF)

16 Review  
17 Gentner Recalls the Importance of Analogy

Study Report (PDF)

18 Larson Grounds Symbols in Perception

Trip Report (PDF)

19 Yuret Lays a Foundation for Language Semantics

Proposals (PDF)

20 Yip and Sussman Use Sparse Spaces to Model Learning of Phonological Rules

Textbook Chapter Opening (PDF)

21 Finlayson Announces the Goldilocks Principle

Endorsement Letter (PDF)

22 Winston Attacks Laird

Talking Points (PDF)

23 Sur Rewires Brains

Getting the Message to Garcia (PDF)

A Message to Garcia (PDF)

24 Coen Perceives Work Together-Win Together Theme

Recommendation (PDF)

25 Presentations

Recommendation, Presentation, Suggestions (PDF)

26 Presentations (cont.)

Recommendation, Presentation, Suggestions (cont.)