Your presence and active participation are essential in each and every session. Participation means the following:

  1. Reading the assigned readings for the week; thinking about them prior to coming to class, and engaging in lively discussion during sections. Simply showing up will not be sufficient!
  2. Serving as discussion leader at least once during a session over the course of the semester. This includes two components: First, you will be asked to write a critical "response essay" of the text(s) for the week in question. The response essay should be no more than 1 single-spaced page in length and should not recapitulate the content of the readings; rather you should briefly summarize the main arguments or issues raised in the texts and then raise questions for further discussion in session. Second, you will be in charge of leading part of the discussion session of the day. You will call on your peers; pose questions to them, and the like.