Lecture Slides

Lectures slides were used for several of the class sessions, but not all of them. This list contains all of the professor’s lecture slides, and guest lecture slides where available.

SES # TOPICS Lecture Slides
1 Introduction Lecture 1 Slides (PDF - 1.1MB)
2 Science Policy Review Lecture 2 Slides (PDF)
3 Verification and Validation Lecture 3 Slides (PDF - 1.3MB)

Case Study: Acid Rain in Europe

Case Study: Fisheries

Lecture 5 Slides (PDF)

Case Study: Climate Change and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Guest Lecturer: Susan Solomon, MIT Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate Science

Lecture 7 Slides (PDF - 2.5MB)

(Courtesy of Susan Solomon. Used with permission.)


Energy Modeling Workshop

Guest Lecturer: Travis Franck, Climate Interactive

Lecture 8 Slides (PDF- 1.1MB)

(Courtesy of Travis Franck. Used with permission.)

12 System Modeling Lecture 12 Slides (PDF - 1.4MB)
14 Class Case 3: Oil Spill / Risk Assessment Part I Lecture 14 Slides (PDF - 1.1MB)

Models at the Environmental Protection Agency

Guest Lecturer: Elsie Sunderland, Harvard School of Public Health

Lecture 15 Slides (PDF - 6.5MB)

(Courtesy of Elsie Sunderland. Used with permission.)

16 Class Case 4: Clean Air / Risk Assessment Part II Same slides as Lecture 14.
26 Synthesis and Wrap-up Lecture 26 Slides (PDF)