Problem Sets

  • There are 9 problem sets in all, but we will only take into account your 8 best scores.
  • It is okay to discuss problem sets with other students taking the class, and to consult published materials. But each student must complete the assignment on his or her own.
  • There were no problem sets for Weeks 1, 10, and 12.
  • The problem set for Week 4 appears courtesy of TA Owain R. Evans.
  • The problem sets count for 45% of the course grade.
2 Time Travel / Free Will Problem set 1 (PDF)
3 Newcomb's Paradox Problem set 2 (PDF)

Coordination Games: Nash Equlibria, Schelling Points and the Prisoner's Dilemma

(This session was conducted by TA Owain R. Evans.)

Extra-credit problem set 2.5 (PDF)
5 Foundations of Probability Problem set 3 (PDF)
6 Zeno's Paradoxes Problem set 4 (PDF)
7 Infinity Problem set 5 (PDF)
8 The Higher Infinite Problem set 6 (PDF)
9 The Axiom of Choice Problem set 7 (PDF)
11 Computability Problem set 8 (PDF)
13 Gödel's Theorem Problem set 9 (PDF)

End-of-Term Assignment

The End-of-Term assignment will be posted during Week 13, and is due the following week.

Although individual consultation of published materials is okay, discussing the end-of-term assignment before the due date with anyone—whether or not they are taking the class—is strictly prohibited. All work on the assignment must be the student's own.

The End-of-Term assignment counts for 50% of the course grade.

Academic Integrity

Any suspicion of plagiarism or academic dishonesty will be aggressively pursued. Please consult MIT's Handbook on Academic Integrity.