Reading Responses

Below are two examples of the Reading Responses assigned to students in this course.

Reading Response 1

Due: Session 7

Answer all the questions thoroughly (write about three paragraphs). Please type your answers. Please consult the grading guidelines for information on how reading responses will be assessed.

Does Thomson's view avoid Moore's open question argument? Argue for your answer. Then briefly assess what, if anything, follows for Thomson's view from your conclusion. (e.g., if you think Thomson's view avoids Moore's argument, do you think her view provides a definition of 'good'?)

Reading Response 2

Due: Two days after Session 19

Write one to three paragraphs addressing the following prompt:

Suppose you agree with Harman that saying "Those aliens morally ought not kill humans" is odd when the aliens in question exhibit behavior revealing that they are unmoved by the facts you think are reasons not to kill a human being. Now, do one of the following:

  1. Explain why Harman thinks this intuition motivates moral relativism, or
  2. State how you think the moral objectivist should explain this intuition.