First Squib

Set out in the form of premises and conclusion Martin's argument on p. 414 in the paragraph beginning "According to the (naive realist) disjunctivist...". If necessary, add premises to render the argument valid. Is the argument sound? Why or why not?

Write approximately three pages.

Due: Ses #4.

Second Squib

On p.124 of Reference and Consciousness, Campbell says that Martin Davies' theory "straightforwardly violates the explanatory role of experience." He writes:

On this picture of perceptual content, perception could not provide you with knowledge of which particular thing you are talking about. The whole point of the view is to insist that consulting perception will only provide you with a number of existential propositions, to the effect that there is, for example, a cup of a certain type on a tray, without getting down to brass tacks and telling you which cup it is that is on top of which tray. So no amount of looking to see could provide you with knowledge of which cup is being talked about.

What is his argument against Davies? Explain its premises and conclusion. Is the argument sound? Write approximately three pages.

Due: Ses #10.

Term Paper

Meet with the instructor at least twice throughout the semester. The first meeting will be to decide on the paper topic. The second meeting is a progress report and an opportunity to raise problems or changes to the direction of the paper. The paper should be 20 pages long.

Due: Ses #13.