Reading Responses (100–200 Words, Due Before Each Session)

Address a small but crucial part of the assigned readings for each session. Example: What is Richard Joyce's main objection to expressivism and how might a proponent of expressivism respond to the objection?

Term Paper Draft

Students have a choice to submit either a 15–20 page draft or a 5 page draft with an outline for the rest of the paper. This draft should detail the main arguments to be included in the paper.

Final Paper (20–25 Pages)

The only requirement for the final paper is that it should connect to the topics covered in the class. Students are encouraged to narrow their topics in order to bring more focus to their arguments. Students may want to consider some replies by those they criticize and explain how they would respond to those replies.

Sample Student Work

"Moral Language and Moral Discovery: Making Do Without Twin Earth" (PDF) (Courtesy of Daniel Muñoz. Used with permission.)