Course Assignments

  1. Attendance and participation in all classes. (30%) More than 1 absence or repeated lateness will affect the final grade. This also includes:

    Two written weekly questions/comments, on one or more reading from the week's assignment, directed toward the class for the purposes of stimulating class discussion, and pointing toward particular passages of the reading under discussion. These should consist of a lengthy paragraph, approximately ½ page, single-spaced, and must include a passage of 5-10 lines from the text you are discussing in each question/comment. Due Tuesdays in class (not accepted late).
  2. One assigned close reading of a passage from Medea, 5-pp. This will be revised. (15%)
  3. One 5-page paper (20%) in which you will develop one of your comments/questions on a play (other than Medea) into a short paper discussing your ideas about the text in more detail, with particular reference to the language of the text. This paper is meant to be thoughtful rather than argumentative, and to enable you to further develop your close reading skills.
  4. Paper (15%): an essay review of 5 pages on a drama or performance piece you have seen this term. We will do some preparation for this assignment in class. Sorry, no late papers are accepted.
  5. Presentation (20%): 3 students, 15 minutes: Present one playwright not covered in the course and argue why it should be included. Use one work to illustrate the playwright/performer's major concerns. Or a 5-minute scene from one of the plays studied in the course followed by a discussion of performance choices and methods.

Note: Group must demonstrate that work has been distributed evenly among its members. A proposal of your project, listing participants and describing your presentation in paragraph form, is due by Week #10.

Student Work

Michelle Wilson Close reading assignment (PDF) (Courtesy of Michelle Wilson. Used with permission.)
Theatre review assignment (PDF) (Courtesy of Michelle Wilson. Used with permission.)