Harmonic Frequency Response: Variable Natural Frequency -- Help


This tool shows the periodic system response for a harmonic oscillator with natural circular frequency ωn driven by a periodic signal of fixed period 2π.

The time series plane shows the input signal in cyan and the periodic system response in yellow.
When the mouse is rolled over the plane, cursor crosshairs and the values of t and x are displayed.

Click the [v] menu button in the lower right to display the list of signals. Click one of the signals to select it.

Click or drag the ωn slider at the right to set the natural circular frequency of the harmonic oscillator.
Click one of the slider step buttons, < or >, to step the value of ωn by hundredths.
Above the ωn slider is a graph of the root mean square size of the system response, and a horizontal yellow
line relating that value to the graphing window.


© 2001 H. Hohn