The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture (L) and quiz (E) sessions.

L1 Introduction to course, walks on graphs, rational generating functions and Fibonacci numbers  
L2 Walks on graphs II: walks on complete graphs and cubes  
L3 Walks on graphs III: the Radon transform  
L4 Random walks, the Perron-Frobenius theorem Homework 1 due
L5 Introduction to partially ordered sets and the Boolean poset  
L6 Partially ordered sets II: Dilworth's and Sperner's theorem  
L7 Partially ordered sets III: the Mobius function Homework 2 due
L8 Group actions on Boolean algebras  
L9 Group actions on Boolean algebras II: proof of the Sperner property  
L10 Introduction to partitions and two proofs of Euler's theorem Homework 3 due
L11 Partitions II: Euler Pentagonal theorem and other identities  
L12 Partitions in a box, q-binomial coefficients, and introduction to Young tableaux  
L13 Standard Young tableaux and the Hook length formula Homework 4 due
L14 The Hook length formula II, and introduction to the RSK algorithm  
L15 Proof of Schensted's theorem  
L16 Catalan numbers Homework 5 due
E1 In-class quiz 1  
L17 Counting Hasse walks in Young's lattice  
L18 An introduction to symmetric functions  
L19 Symmetric functions II Homework 6 due
L20 Polya theory I  
L21 Polya theory II Homework 7 due
L22 Polya theory III, intro to exponential generating functions  
L23 Exponential generating functions and tree enumeration  
L24 Tree enumeration II Homework 8 due
L25 Matrix tree theorem  
L26 Matrix tree theorem II and Eulerian tours  
L27 Eulerian tours II Homework 9 due
E2 In-class quiz 2  
L28 Binary de Brujin sequences  
L29 Chip firing games I  
L30 Chip firing games II: the critical group  
L31 Chip firing games III: proof of uniqueness  
L32 Perfect matchings and Domino tilings Homework 10 due
L33 Perfect matchings and Domino tilings II  
L34 Pfaffians and matching enumeration  
L35 Aztec diamonds  
L36 Aztec diamonds II; Lattice path enumeration  
L37 Lattice path enumeration II