MusicPainter for XO: download and instructions

This material is provided by Wu-Hsi Li. (Courtesy of Wu-Hsi Li. Used with permission.)


MusicPainter is a networked graphical composing environment which aims to encourage sharing and collaboration between users. It has an easy-to-use composing interface, which turns music score into colorful painting. It guides the users to begin composing by creating mini-composition such as a melody or rhythm pattern, which we called musical brick. These bricks are collected and organized as a shared composing resource, which becomes a dynamic source of inspiration. The users can also browse and hack music pieces composed by others through the music browser. MusicPainter is not only a composing interface, it provides an environment where users can gather and learn how to compose from each other. It creates a place where different musical perspectives collide.

Music painter

For more background, see this MusicPainter introduction page.

Software Download

MusicPainter for XO software package: musicpainter.tar (TAR)

Other versions of MusicPainter – currently supporting Windows and Linux, with Mac possibly in the future – plus other resources not specifically used for MAS.110, are available at the main MusicPainter download page.


  1. see the installation steps from csoundxo download page
  2. cd /home/olpc/Activities
  3. tar -xvf Musicpainter.tar


  1. cd ./Musicpainter.activity
  2. Python (it takes a while to launch the program)