Assignment 3: "Hello World" Fabric PCBs, Part 2

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For this assignment you will work in teams to create an artifact that includes a fabric PCB. The artifact should include an ATtiny13 microcontroller, at least two outputs and at least one digital (switch) input. A picture of the circuit that I made is below. You can use this circuit as a starting point, but you should not just turn in an identical copy. You should modify my circuit in some way and/or incorporate it into a larger project by, for example, sewing it into a garment.

Drawing of a circular piece of fabric with an ATiny13 microcontroller IC in the center, each of the 8 leads connected to labeled conductive regions on the fabric, and a couple of regions including a switch and a resistor.

An example fabric PCB circuit.

With your team you should create a webpage that documents your project. Your page should include pictures, including at least one close up of your PCB and one image that shows the entire project, and a paragraph about your experience. Also create a short video of your project in action; post the video online (Vimeo, YouTube, or your own site) and include a link to your video in your documentation page.

Sample Student Work

These samples are presented courtesy of the students and used with permission.

Fractal Tree Bag