Assignment 3.3: Noise or Drone Composition

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Using your drawings as inspiration (and not so much as scores) compose a 5-25 minute noise or drone piece—5 minutes is certainly acceptable, but if you have a high threshold of boredom, you could try for something longer; it might not require much more work. Among others, use the techniques we looked at for Assignment 3.2; try sculpting noise using filters and convolution of parts of noise if you like. You can superimpose normal sounds, like from your long sounds (Assignment 3.1), on whatever you come up with, if you think it sounds good. You can also superimpose instrumental or vocal sounds, but be careful not to make this sound like an unnecessary extra, like a finishing touch that ruins the effect. There will be a subtle twist to this assignment, which I'll mention in lab.

Examples of Student Work from Prior Terms

These files are presented courtesy of the students and used with permission.

Alex Vazquez (MP3 - 11.1MB)
Arushi Dugar (MP3 - 2MB)
Catherine McCurry (MP3 - 5.2MB)
Cristian Derr (MP3 - 3.3MB)
Denis Odhiambo (MP3 - 11.4MB)
Eduardo Coutinho (MP3 - 11.6MB)
Joey Wong (MP3 - 4.8MB)
Mats Ahlgren (MP3 - 9.4MB)
Michelle Fogerson (MP3 - 1.8MB)
Peter Coles (MP3 - 5.1MB)
Rae Zucker (MP3 - 9.7MB)
Thomas Carr (MP3 - 2.9MB)
Tim Dudley (MP3 - 9.9MB)