Assignment 1.3: Real Composition Based on Score

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Using your score from Assignment 1.2, compose a piece using only your short sounds. All your short sounds must be used. Use all the 'tape' techniques in Pro Tools we have learned so far. Forget about your long sound; you are working from the score. You are not trying to recreate the long sound. This is a real composition, one that you should feel comfortable living with and saying is yours. It should be expressive or somehow else musical, not just a technical exercise. It should be as long as you think it should be; 30s to whatever your score suggests.

Examples of Student Work from Prior Terms

These files are presented courtesy of the students and used with permission.

Alex Vazquez (MP3 - 1.1MB)
Andrew McPherson (MP3 - 2.8MB)
Andrew Harlan (MP3 - 1.9MB)
Austin Taranta (MP3 - 1.5MB)
Christian Camargo (MP3 - 2.5MB)
Ed Platt (MP3 - 2.1MB)
Eduardo Coutinho (MP3 - 2MB)
Graham Woolley (MP3 - 5MB)
Hubert Roberts (MP3)
Katie Olsen (MP3 - 1.7MB)
Kristen Burrall (MP3 - 2.2MB)
Mats Ahlgren (MP3 - 4.2MB)
Matt Gordon (MP3 - 1.8MB)
Michael Miller (MP3 - 7.3MB)
Michelle Fogerson (MP3 - 1.8MB)
Rae Zucker (MP3 - 3.3MB)
Sari Canelake (MP3 - 2MB)
Sheldon Hewlett (MP3 - 1.4MB)
Tilly Whitney (MP3 - 3.9MB)