Assignment 1.2: Technical Composition, Abstracting Scores

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1. Using Pro Tools, cut your first assignment into its 9 components (8 short sounds and 1 long sound) and make them separate files, nicely edited. Using only your short sounds, i.e., not your long sound, compose a piece using all the Pro Tools techniques you have learnt. Nothing more, i.e., no effects or inserts, no extra sounds. This composition should be purely technical, to show that you have mastered basic Pro Tools editing, and that you have grasped some basics in electronic composition. Don't worry about expression or general musicality. This is a purely technical exercise. Aim for 2 to 3 minutes. Copy your bounced composition into the ass-1.2 folder, etc.

2. Make a descriptive score of your long sound. Be creative, or boring. Your score should somehow represent your long sound, not just to you, but hopefully also to someone else. If, for example, you plot loudness, you needn't label the graph as representing loudness. The score will be used for your next composition, and the description of a parameter you have abstracted from your long sound might be used to prescribe another parameter in your next composition. Do not try to account for everything in the long sound.

Examples of Student Work from Prior Terms

These files are presented courtesy of the students and used with permission.

Chaitra Chandrasekhar (MP3 - 1.3MB)
Daniel Hochbaum (MP3 - 1.8MB)
Graham Woolley (MP3 - 2.2MB)
Greg Schroll (MP3 - 2MB)
Kelsey Byers (MP3 - 1.7MB)
Mats Ahlgren (MP3 - 1.4MB)
Matt Gordon (MP3 - 1.9MB)
PJ Steiner (MP3 - 1.3MB)
Rae Zucker (MP3 - 2.2MB)
Roland Tung (MP3 - 2MB)
Sheldon Hewlett (MP3 - 1.8MB)
Tilly Whitney (MP3)
Zach Rich (MP3)