Reading Questions for Session 10

Please select 8 of these questions and answer them in a few sentences each.

"Voices from Chinese Rock, Past and Present Tense"

  1. Does Huang's perspective on yaogun differ from what we've read so far?
  2. How does Huang characterize the relationship between yaogun commerce and the Chinese Communist Party?
  3. What kinds of sounds does Huang associate with femininity and masculinity?
  4. This is the third author we've read so far that has quoted Vaclav Havel in a discussion of rock music. Who was Havel and why is he relevant to a discussion of yaogun?
  5. How does Huang characterize Tang Dynasty's music and image?
  6. Huang asks on p. 195 whether a "distinct authentic Chinese rock" is possible. What do you think?
  7. How does Huang characterize rock's new directions in China? Which bands does he think are important? Briefly describe them.

"Popular Music and Youth in Urban China: The Dakou Generation"

  1. What does "dakou" mean?
  2. What are the three scenes that De Kloet discusses in his article?
  3. What does De Kloet think of the impact of the growing market economy / commercialism on popular music in China during the mid-to late-1990s.
  4. What conclusions can be drawn from De Kloet's survey results (p. 614)?
  5. What does De Kloet think are some of the implications of dakou culture? Why is it important or relevant?
  6. How does the article describe the "dakou generation"?
  7. Select one of the bands that De Kloet discusses and describe their background and sound in a few sentences. Next, go online and find a song by them that you like and prepare to discuss it in class.