Y&F* = Buy at Amazon Young, Hugh, Lewis Ford and Roger Freedman. University Physics. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 2003. ISBN: 0321500628.

MP** = Mastering Physics

PS*** = Problem Set

1 Introduction
Classical Mechanics
Coordinate Systems
Units of Measurement
Changing Units
Dimensional Analysis
Y&F*: pp. 1-13  
2 Kinematics
Speed and Velocity
Constant Velocity Motion
Y&F: pp. 40-47  
3 Acceleration
Constant Acceleration Problems
Acceleration of Gravity
Y&F: pp. 47-62 MP** 1 due
(a day after ses #3)
4 Vectors
Vector Addition
Vector Components
Unit Vectors
Vector Multiplication
Scalar Product
Y&F: pp. 14-27 PS*** 1 due
(a day after ses #4)
5 Vector Product
Kinematics in 3D
3D Velocity
3D Acceleration
Acceleration: Perpendicular
Acceleration: Parallel
Y&F: pp. 27-30, 78-87  
6  Projectile Motion Y&F: pp. 87-97 MP 2 due
(a day after ses #6)
7 Uniform Circular Motion
Non-uniform Circular Motion
Galilean Relativity
Coordinate Transformations
Velocity Transformations
Acceleration Transformation
Relative Velocity Problems
Y&F: pp. 98-106 Recitation Quiz 1

PS 2 due
(a day after ses #7)
8 Newton's Laws
Fundamental Forces in Nature
Newton's First Law
Newton's Second Law
Superposition of Forces
Y&F: pp. 119-138 MP 3 due
(4 days after ses #8)
9 Newton's Third Law
Gravitational Force
Gravitational/Inertial Mass
Hooke's Law/Springs
Motion with a Constant Force
Y&F: pp. 138-146 PS 3 due
(a day after ses #9)
10 Motion Examples
Y&F: pp. 153-171 Exam 1
Lectures: 1-8
-Homework: 1-3 due
(3 days after ses #10)

MP 4 due
(4 days after ses #10)
11 Friction
Kinetic Friction
Static Friction
Drag Force and Terminal Speed
Resistive Force Proportional to Velocity
Y&F: pp. 171-181 PS 4 due
(a day after ses #11)
12 Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion
Motion in a Vertical Circle
Conical Pendulum
Work and Energy
Work/Variable Force
Y&F: pp. 181-189, 207-213  
13 Kinetic Energy
Gravitational Potential Energy
Gravity and Other Forces
Y&F: pp. 213-229, 241-253 Makeup Exam 1
(a day after ses #13)

MP 5 due
(a day after ses #13)
14 Conservation of Energy
Conservative Forces
Potential Energy of Conservative Forces
  Recitation Quiz 2

PS 5 due
(a day after ses #14)
15 Spring Potential Energy
Gravitational Potential Energy
Non-conservative Forces
Force and Potential Energy
Y&F: pp. 253-268 MP 6 due
(4 days after ses #15)
16 Potential Energy Curves
Equilibrium and Stability
Forms of Energy
Y&F: pp. 268-270 PS 6 due
(a day after ses #16)
17 Particle Momentum
Conservation of Momentum
Newton's Laws and Momentum
Momentum for a System
Momentum and Forces
Y&F: pp. 282-292  
18 Center-of-Mass Motion
Energy of a System of Particles
Rocket Motion
Y&F: pp. 309-313 MP 7 due
(a day after ses #18)
19 Variable Mass Problems
Inelastic Collisions
Elastic Collisions
Y&F: pp. 295-305 PS 7 due
(a day after ses #19)

Exam 2
Lectures: 1-18
-Homework: 1-7 due
(2 days after ses #19)
20 2D-Elastic Collisions
Ballistic Pendulum
Center-of-Mass Collisions
Y&F: pp. 305-308 MP 8 due
(a day after ses #20)
21 Rigid Body Kinematics
Right Hand Rule
Constant Angular Acceleration
Relation between Angular and Linear Motion
Rotational Kinetic Energy
Moment of Inertia
Y&F: pp. 327-345 Recitation Quiz 3

PS 8 due
(a day after ses #21)
22 Parallel Axis Theorem
Perpendicular Axis Theorem
Particle Angular Momentum
Straight Line Angular Momentum
Circular Motion Angular Momentum
Angular Momentum and Forces
Conservation of Angular Momentum
Angular Momentum and Central Forces
Y&F: pp. 345-349  
23 Dynamics of a Rigid Body
Angular Momentum and Torque
Conical Pendulum: Torque and Angular Momentum
Torque and Angular Acceleration
Torque and Gravity
Rigid Body Angular Momentum
Conservation of Angular Momentum
Y&F: pp. 361-370 Makeup Exam 2
(a day after ses #23)

MP 9 due
(a day after ses #23)
24 Work and Energy in Rotational Motion
Angular Impulse
Translation and Rotation
Rolling Motion of a Rigid Body
Y&F: pp. 370-386 PS 9 due
(a day after ses #24)
25 Rolling Cylinders/Spheres
Angular Momentum and Collisions
Y&F: pp. 386-389 MP 10 due
(4 days after ses #25)
26 Forces in Equilibrium Y&F: pp. 406-421 Recitation Quiz 4

PS 10 due
(a day after ses #26)
27 Law of Universal Gravitation
Newton's Law of Gravity
Gravitational Potential Energy
Potential Energy of a Spherical Shell
Cavendish Experiment
Y&F: pp. 436-451  
28 Potential Energy of a Sphere and Particle
Gravitational Forces and Extended Bodies
Force between Two Spheres
Tidal Forces
Weight and Gravitational Force
Planetary Motion
Circular Orbits
Y&F: pp. 456-464 MP 11 due
(a day after ses #28)
29 General Planetary Motion
Generalized Orbits
Kepler's Laws
Y&F: pp. 452-456 Exam 3
Lectures: 1-28
-Homework: 1-11 due
(2 days after ses #29)
30 Oscillations
Simple Harmonic Motion
Mass-Spring Systems
Energy in SHM
Y&F: pp. 476-494 PS 11 due (by 11 am)

MP 12 due
(a day after ses #30)
31 Simple Pendulum
Physical Pendulum
Torsional Pendulum
Damped Oscillations
Y&F: pp. 495-502 PS 12 due
32 Special Relativity
Galilean Transformations
Light/Theory of Waves
Stellar Aberration
  Makeup Exam 3
(a day after ses #32)

MP 13 due
(a day after ses #32)
33 Paradox; Light Spheres
Einstein's Special Relativity
Postulates of Special Relativity
Relativity and Measurements
Space-Time Coordinates
Relativity of Simultaneity
Lorentz Transformations
Y&F: pp. 1403-1411 Recitation Quiz 5

PS 13 due
(a day after ses #33)
34 Time Dilation
Length Contraction
Perpendicular Lengths
Orientation; Moving Rod
Paradox: Pole-Vaulter
Headlight Effect
Y&F: pp. 1412-1419  
35 Relativistic Velocity Transformation
Doppler Effect
Transverse Doppler Effect
Twin Paradox
Shape of Moving Objects
Relativity and Forces
 Y&F: pp. 1420-1425  
36 Relativistic Momentum
Relativistic Energy
Massless Particles
Space-Time Invariant
General Relativity
Y&F: pp. 1426-1434