Lecture Notes

The lecture notes were prepared in LaTeX by James Silva, an MIT student, based upon handwritten notes.


Week 1

Introduction, electric field

1 Intro: Electrostatics (PDF)
2 Electrostatics problem solving (PDF)

Week 2

Mathematical background

3 Vector review (PDF)
4 Divergence, gradient, curl (PDF)
5 Integral calculus, Dirac delta function (PDF)
6 Dirac delta function, curvilinear coordinates (PDF)

Week 3

Gauss's law and electric potential

7 More curvilinear coordinates: Div and grad in spherical coordinates; Gauss's law (PDF)
8 Applications of Gauss's law: Field lines, point charge, Gaussian surfaces (PDF)
9 Applications of Gauss's law: Line charge, plane charge (PDF)
10 Electric potential; Poisson's equation; Laplace's equation (PDF)

Week 4

Work and energy in electrostatics; conductors and capacitors

11 Electrostatic boundary conditions; conductors (PDF)
12 Capacitors, dielectrics, work (PDF)
13 Capacitors, work, first and second uniqueness theorems (PDF)

Week 5

The method of images and multipole expansion

14 Method of images (PDF)
15 Parallel plate capacitor, electric dipole (PDF)
16 Separation of variables (PDF)

Week 6

Exam 1

17 Review for exam 1
18 Exam 1

Week 7

Magnetostatics and special relativity

19 Dielectrics (PDF)
20 Magnetostatics, electric currents (PDF)
21 Special relativity (PDF)
22 Special relativity (cont.) (PDF)

Week 8

Magnetic fields

23 Electric fields and force (PDF)
24 Magnetic fields; Lorenz force law (PDF)
25 Cycloidal motion; Biot-Savart law (PDF)
26 Biot-Savart law (cont.); Ampere's law (PDF)

Week 9

Magnetic fields; Maxwell's laws; magnetic properties of materials

27 Maxwell's equations (PDF)
28 Induction (PDF)
29 Magnetic boundary conditions; magnetic dipole (PDF)
30 Magnetization; magnetic properties of materials (PDF)

Week 10

Exam 2; magnetized materials

31 Review for exam 2 (PDF)
32 Exam 2
33 Ampere's law in magnetized materials (PDF)
34 Bound current; ferromagnetism (PDF)

Week 11


35 Circuits (PDF)
36 Circuits; undriven RC circuits; Thevenin's theorem (PDF)
37 Thevenin's theorem (cont.); Ohm's law; Faraday's law; Lenz's law (PDF)
38 Alternating current circuits (PDF)

Week 12

Circuits (cont.)

39 Inductance (PDF)
40 Undriven RLC circuits (PDF)
41 Driven RLC circuits; Ladder impedance (PDF)

Week 13

Maxwell; momentum

42 Maxwell's equations (PDF)
43 Poynting vector; Maxwell stress tensor (PDF)
44 Conservation of momentum; Minkowski force (PDF)
45 Review for exam 3 (PDF)

Week 14

Electromagnetic waves

46 Exam 3
47 Electromagnetic waves (PDF)
48 Electromagnetic waves (cont.) (PDF)
49 Topics for next week; relativity (PDF)

Week 15

Advanced topics in relativity; quantum

50 Faraday tensor; Maxwell; General relativity (PDF)
51 Quantum (PDF)
52 Schrodinger equation (PDF)