Using the Concept of Metadiscourse to Improve Students’ Oral Presentations

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ATISSA BANUAZIZI: the feedback that we give them really involves encouraging them to show them how they can use the core material on their slides, but also their metadiscourse in presenting, and that's sort of like a term that we use to explain like how you talk about what you're talking about. And so the metadiscourse is often what does the best job of making those links for the benefit of the audience.

And ultimately, a lot of the feedback that we offer to them has to do with getting them to think about the audience and who they are and helping them understand, because this isn't something that they necessarily come in understanding, that they need to speak and write in such a way that it can be understood not only by the professor who obviously knows more than they do, but by somebody who isn't familiar with the experiment, who's coming to it for the first time.

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