Positioning Communication Instructors as Coaches, Not Graders

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ATISSA BANUAZIZI: In this class, the WRAP instructors don't participate directly in the grading of those presentations. We serve more as coaches. And that can be sort of helpful for the students, because they come to us, and we're completely on their team. We are there not to tell them what they did wrong, but to help them make it better.

So I mentioned that we don't participate in the grading of the actual presentations. The meetings that they have with us are factored into their grade to a degree. They get a certain number of participation points for coming and actively participating in the meetings with us.

One nice thing about the way that the class is administered is that the WRAP instructors are present at the final grading meetings. And we do give input into how we see the progress that the individual students have made. And so sometimes, we can really speak to the particular challenges that the students have overcome, the way in which that they have really applied themselves to do better. And that can be a not insignificant part of the conversation.

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