Tips for Partnering with Technical Faculty

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ATISSA BANUAZIZI: So I'd say that one of the most important things for communication instructors who are partnering with technical faculty is for everybody to have a shared understanding of the assignment genres that you're working with. So if students understand who they're talking to and what the purpose and the context of the communicative act are, rather than just saying, like, it's an oral presentation, as though that's some kind of descriptive term in any way, the more they understand that, the better off they're going to be. Because then you can start to ask them what practically speaking is likely to work for getting the message across to that audience. But that involves that all the instructors be on the same page. And so sort of sitting down with the instructors at the beginning of the semester or beforehand, and just getting from them a really clear understanding of how they conceive of the assignment and how they conceive of the genre and how they conceive of, you know, who the students are talking to and why makes all the difference.

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