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PROFESSOR GUNTHER ROLAND: OK. What is really unique in Junior Lab compared to any other class that you could think about teaching is the breadth both in terms of the material, the techniques, and the concepts that you try to get across. From the specific physics of the experiments to sort of general tools of experimentalists, both in terms of apparatus and in terms of computing, in terms of the mathematical tools, understanding systematic uncertainties.

Then the communication elements from how to write a paper, how to give a talk, how to prepare a poster, to sort of a very general sort of life skills, like time management, which really is critical as you do this sequence of experiments. The collaboration with their partners, which is something that many of them haven't experienced.

So Junior Lab really covers many different aspects and one has to really think about which are the ones that one wants to emphasize as a lecturer in the lab. And I think it also is important to really keep things fresh and try to innovate something every year. A new experiment, new elements, just to really keep the experience up to date.

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