Creating a Supportive Learning Environment

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JANET CONRAD: You know, for me, experimental physics is a true joy. I really love what I do. I do neutrino physics. I'm an experimentalist. I think it is absolutely fantastic. And so, I believe that labs should be really happy places. And I want the students to really find what they're doing to be really interesting, to really be something that they care about.

And so, that's the approach that I like to take when teaching junior lab. I don't believe in this, you break them down to build them back up again. I think that that doesn't really work. I really think that what you do is you very gently lead people and shape people. You have them trust you, so that the comments that you're making are not taken wrong, that they understand that that's to make them a better physicist. And I think that's very important. So that's sort of my approach.

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