Advice about Teamwork: Take Time to Verify Your Partner’s Work

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HENRY SHACKLETON: So collaboration for me was great. My partner and I lived on the same hall. We lived right down the hall from each other. So we could very easily pop over and talk to each other.

One thing that I found helpful-- that we actually started messing up a bit later on throughout the semester-- was that your partner is very good as a sort of sanity check for you. Which means that there's a bit of a danger for you and partner to start essentially operating as one person, and just like taking what your other partner says for granted, and using that in your data. Because then you lose that sanity check, that that double-checking of your data.

So it's important to work together with your partner, but also sort of constantly be checking their work, and verifying that what they're doing is actually correct.

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