Length: 10 pages each

You are required to write two long essays. In each essay, select two readings that address similar topics. Discuss how the authors' arguments complement or contradict each other. Can both authors be right? Can their arguments be integrated into one framework, or are they necessarily in opposition? Finally, take a stand on which argument you find most compelling; be clear about your reasons.

Reaction Papers

Length: 2 pages each

You are required to write three "reaction papers" in which you synthesize, criticize, and react to the readings assigned for a class meeting. You may choose when to write these papers, with three caveats:

  1. You must write at least one reaction paper for Ses #1-6
  2. You must have written all three reaction papers by Ses #24
  3. You may only write one reaction paper for each heading of the syllabus (e.g., you may only write one reaction paper on the "Globalization and Domestic Politics" readings).

Reaction papers are due at the beginning of class, and must address the readings assigned for that class meeting.