1 Introduction    
2 National Traditions of State and Economy: Britain

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3 National Traditions of State and Economy: France

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4 National Traditions of State and Economy: Germany

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5 National Traditions of State and Economy: Italy

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6 Building the Boom: Economic Growth in the Postwar Era

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Short Paper Assignment 1 distributed (12-15 pages)
7 Building the Boom: The International System and Economic Reconstruction

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8 From the Golden 1960s to the Crisis of the 1970s: Politics and Economy from the "Trente Glorieuses" to Stagflation

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Short Paper Assignment 1 due
9 European Capitalism today: Making Europe

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10 Varieties of Capitalism

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Short Paper Assignment 2 distributed (12-15 pages)
11 Globalization and the Future of the Welfare State Levy, Jonah. "Vice into Virtue."

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Short Paper Assignment 2 due
13     Research Paper due (15-20 pages)