Lecture Notes

1 Environmental History (PDF)
2 Are Environmental Problems Getting Worse or Better? (PDF)
3 Understanding the Environmental Policy Process (PDF)
4 Administrative Rationalism (PDF)
5 Commanding Clean Air (PDF)
Related Handout: Clean Air Act (PDF)
6 Commanding Clean Water (PDF)
7 Protecting Wetlands (PDF)
8 Lessons 1 (PDF)
9 Protecting Biodiversity (PDF)
10 Hazardous Wastes (PDF)
11 The Reagan Revolution and Environmental Policy (PDF)
12 Economic Tools In Environmental Policy (PDF)
Related Handout:  cost benefit example 
13 Environmental Justice (PDF)
14 Public Lands (PDF)
15 Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction in Environmental Policy (PDF)
16 Property Rights and Environmental Policy (PDF)
17 Environmental Politics in Other Industrialized Democracies (PDF)
18 Energy and the Environment (PDF)
19 Global Environmental Problems (PDF)