Day Three

Plan for Day Three

  • In teams, talk with your assigned NGO contact on Skype or Google Hangout (or by phone, messaging, or email, if necessary) to get answers to your questions posed the night before.
  • You will have time after your early morning call with Sangath to finalize the deck, which is due at 10:45AM by email.
  • Refine presentation, following up with any experts or conducting online research as needed. Anjali Sastry will be available for consultation during this time (from 8AM to 10:45AM). Use these times, and have her put you in touch with more people if needed.
  • Submit updated presentations by 10:45AM.
  • Meet in the classroom from 11AM to 1:30PM.
  • Class presentation: Students present to entire group, then panelists offer feedback and reflection to all (11:30AM to 12:30PM).

Every team presented their ideas and findings to the class. A distinguished guest, Deputy Director of the MIT Energy Initiative and Director of the Tata Center for Technology and Design, Robert Stoner offered feedback and joined in a classwide discussion of the mini projects. To set context, a student presented a quicke selection of contextual materials about Sangath (see lecture notes (PDF)).

  • Working lunch: Debrief with team and class over an Indian meal. Also touch base with Anjali Sastry to reflect on what you have learned, and use the final 30 minutes set aside for each team to refine and update their presentation and send to NGO contact person (and Cc the instructor).