Paper 3: Strategic Choices in Policy Change


In order to change policy, advocates must make smart decisions about when and where to push for policy change.

Write a 5-page essay in which you compare and contrast the strategic choices made by proponents of immigration and same-sex marriage over the past 10–15 years. For instance, advocates have to make choices about when to seek policy changes, the appropriate policy outcome to pursue at a given point in time, and the best political venues to seek policy changes.

Be sure to analyze how advocates' strategic choices evolved in response to changes in the political context (e.g., public opinion, elections, etc). In the conclusion of your essay, discuss where you believe proponents of policy change on these two issues are likely to focus their advocacy efforts over the next two years.

Student Examples

The examples below appear courtesy of MIT students and are used with permission. Examples are published anonymously unless otherwise requested.

The Strategies of Gay Marriage and Immigration Reform Advocates (PDF)

Strategic Policy Efforts for Immigration and Same-Sex Marriage Advocates (PDF)

Comparing the Strategic Efforts of Gay Marriage and Immigration Reform Advocates (PDF)