There will be a midterm exam during Ses #14 that will be worth 15% of your grade. There will not be a final exam.

Is ——— Going to be on the Test?

If we talked about it in class (whether or not you were there), or if it was assigned as part of the reading, then yes, it could be on the test. Beyond this, you should know that I have an ornery streak when it comes to testing: in my view, a test should be more than just an exercise in memorization—material encountered on a test may require you to put the concepts you have mastered to new uses in unfamiliar settings.

However, when reviewing the readings and your notes, remember that some of the specifics of the material may not be as relevant to this class as the particular aspects of quantitative reasoning that were being illustrated. Thus, for example, if we read an article about murder rates and demographics in American cities, you probably don't need to memorize which cities had which rates—but you might need to remember why we talked about it and what the analysis might have shown about correlation, causation, outliers, errors in research design, etc.


Midterm exam (PDF)