1 Introduction to Democratic Decision-making in the Public Sector
2 Challenging the Conventional Wisdom About Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution in the Public Sector Review assigned readings
3 The Mutual Gains Approach to Negotiation Review assigned readings
4 When and Whether to Use Hard Bargaining Game 1: Appleton vs. Baker
5 An Introduction to Consensus Building in Theory and Practice Read draft of Breaking Robert's Rules
6 Conflict Assessment: Analyzing Stakeholder Interests Review assigned readings
7 Distributive vs. Integrative Bargaining (Creating Value) Game 2: Redstone

Journal 1 due
8 Multi-party Negotiation Game 3: The Coalition Game
9 Coalition Theory and Representation Game 4: Harborco
10 Review Multi-party Negotiation Dynamics Debriefing of Game 4
11 Cooperative vs. Competitive Styles of Negotiation: The Role of Gender and Culture in Negotiation Review assigned readings

Journal 2 due
12 Introduction to Facilitation Review assigned readings

Game 5: Dirty Stuff II
13 Roles and Responsibilities of the Facilitator Debriefing of Game 5
14 Introduction to Mediation Review assigned readings

Journal 3 due
15 The Roles and Responsibilities of the Mediator Game 6: To be announced
16 The Roles and Responsibilities of the Mediator II Debriefing of Game 6

Review assigned readings
17 Mediating in Unequal Power Situations Game 7: Westville and Debriefing

Journal 4 due
18 Mediating Cross-culturally Game 8: River Bend
19 Mediator Ethics Debrief of Game 8
20 Dispute Systems Design: State Offices of Mediation Journal 5 due
21 Dispute Systems Design: National Consensus Council
22 Guest Panel of Dispute Resolution Practitioners
23 Value-based Public Disputes Game 9: To be announced
24 Value-based Public Disputes (cont.) Review of assigned readings
25 Final Exam