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Part 1: Forces Affecting Urban Development
2 Viewpoints on the City

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4 Walking Tour of Boston  
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Case Study: Boston's West End

Guest: James Campano, Editor, The West Ender

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8 The Public Will

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Case Study: Shaping Private Development / The Case Of Smart Growth

Guest: Prof. Terry Szold, Principal, Community Planning Solutions

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11 Discussion Session (In Sections)  
12 Public / Private Partnerships

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13 Field Visit: Boston Redevelopment Authority

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14 Visions

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Walking Tour of Providence / Waterfire

Guide: Barnaby Evans, Creator / Producer of Waterfire

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16 Discussion of Assignment 1 (In Sections)  
Part 2: Models of Urban Design and Development
17 The Traditional City

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Case Study: Tradition and Invention in City Design / The Case of San Diego

Guest: Adele Naude Santos, Dean, School of Architecture and Planning

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Case Study: The Political Art of Capital Cities

Guest: Larry Vale, Head, MIT DUSP

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21 The Efficient City

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Case Study: Globalizing Cities

Guest: Yung Ho Chang, Head, MIT Department of Architecture

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24 Discussion Session (In Sections)  

Case Study: The End of the Suburbia?

Guest: Prof. Robert Fishman, University of Michigan, Historian and Critic

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27 The Information City

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The Virtual City

Guest: Prof. William Mitchell, MIT Design Lab

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29 Debating the Models  
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31 Wrap-up