Students in the course formed into teams to analyze the Centralville neighborhood in Lowell, MA. At the end of the course, they combined their efforts into a presentation and a report, given to their client at the end of the semester. Both are available below. All work is courtesy of the students named and used with permission.

Envisioning Centralville

Neighborhood Nodes and Fabric: Xixi Chen, Anne Dodge, Shilpa Mehta, Harris Morrison, Brittanya A. Murillo

Sixth and West Sixth Street: Karl Baker, Yew Chin Tan, Thacher Tiffany, Kristy Wang, Anna Wells

Riverway: Tara Blakey, Luis Canizo, Ifeoma Ebo, Taylor Mammen, Hua Wang

Bridge Street: Stephanie Groll, Dalia Leven, Miguel Rodriguez, Carrie Vanderford, Albert S. Wei, Barrett E. Yates

Presentation (PDF - 8.6 MB)

Report (PDF - 4.4 MB)