Part I: Course Introduction
1Course Overview

Definition of Economic Development

Role of Finance in Economic Development
Part II: Business Financing
2Business Finance Needs

Business Financing Instruments
3Analyzing Finance Needs I: Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements 
4Analyzing Finance Needs II: Evaluating Firms for Financing, Financial Statement AnalysisTerm project teams and selections are due
5Working Capital FinanceCrystal Clear Window Company case assignment due
6Fixed Asset Financing 
7Real Estate FinancingCity Plaza case study assignment
8Analyzing Business Financing Needs IIIPhoenix Forge case assignment due
Part III: Program Models and Federal Resources
9Introduction to Capital Markets, Capital Market Imperfections and Financing GapsTerm project work plan due
10Private Market Interventions I: Guarantees and Credit Enhancement 
11Private Market Interventions II: Community Reinvestment Act, Bank CDCsBank of America CRA case write-up due
12Private Market Interventions III: Community Development Banks, Bank Holding Companies 
13Program Models I: Revolving Loan Funds, Plans for Field Work 
14Program Models II: Venture Capital 
15Project Work Session 
16Program Models III: Community Development Credit Unions, Community Development Loan Funds 
17Program Models IV: Microenterprise Development 
18Federal Programs: SBA Programs, CDFI Fund, HUD 108 Program, Office of Community Services, New Market Tax CreditsInner City Supermarket Financing case study write-up due
Part IV: Program Management
19Issues in Program Management: Program Planning and Design 
20Issues in Program Management: Marketing and Origination, Underwriting and Structuring Investments, Servicing and Portfolio Management 
21Issues in Program Management: Capital Management and Recapitalization 
22Term Project Presentations 
23Term Project Presentations (cont.)Manufacturer's Fund Recapitalization case write-up due
Part V: Municipal Financing Tools
24Municipal Finance Tools I: Municipal Debt, Industrial Development Bond

Guest Speaker: Tobias Yarmolinski, RBC Dain Rauscher
25Municipal Finance Tools II: Tax Increment Financing Assessment Districts and BIDSOrlando Downtown TIF case study assignment
26Course Conclusion 
27Wrap UpFinal projects are due today