Lecture Notes

Lec # Topics lecture notes

Introduction to the Class

State of the World's Water and Sanitation Infrastructure

Problem Identification

2 An Introduction to Water Supply and Sanitation Technologies: Guest Speaker: Prof. Susan Murcott  
3 How to Define and Measure Access to Water Supply and Sanitation (PDF)
4 Goals of W&S Investment: Human Health and Productivity Gains, the Environment (PDF)
5 The Millennium Development Goals for Water and Sanitation (PDF - 1.7 MB)
6 Stakeholder Analysis: Actors in Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Planning and their Objectives

Notes (PDF)

Microeconomics Tutorial (PDF)

7 Institutional Options for W&S Planning and Policy in Developing Countries: Decentralization, Community Management, Privatization, etc. (PDF)
8 The Evolution of W&S Infrastructure Planning in Developing Countries: Supply versus Demand-oriented Approaches  
9 Discussion of Policy Memo 1  
10 Urban Sanitation Projects with Community Participation: Experiences from Brazil: Guest Speaker: Prof. Earthea Nance, Virginia Tech  
11 Providing Water and Sanitation Services to the Poor: Strategies and Obstacles  
12 Guest Speaker: Dale Whittington, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill  
13 Community Participation in Water Supply and Sanitation: Alternative Models and Outcomes  
14 Financing and Pricing of Water and Sanitation Services  
15 Revisiting the Privatization Debate  
16 W&S Planning and the Environment  

Discussion of Policy Memo 2

Wrap-up Discussion