Lecture Notes

Students were required to present their research on topics of their choice during class sessions. A selection of their work is included in the table below. All work is courtesy of the person named and used with permission.

SES # Topics
1 Introduction and Organizing Class Presentations
2 City Knowledge: An Emergent Information Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Maintenance, Management and Planning - Joe Ferreira and Fabio Carrera (PDF)
3 Sharing Data and Empowering Communities - Fabio Carrera and Joe Ferreira (PDF)
4 Information Infrastructure and the Redevelopment of Inner Cities - Mi Diao (PDF)
5 Application of Cartograms in Measuring Sprawl - Xiongjiu Liao
6 Land Market Monitoring for Growth Management - Weifeng Li (PDF)
7 The Role of GIS in Delivering Municipal Public Services - Fazilet Tanrikulu (PDF)
8 Danxia Xie
9-11 Project Work
12 Final Project Presentations (Part I)
13 Final Project Presentations (Part II)