The topic of the semester-long research paper will be the crafting of a sophisticated methodology—based on relevant theory, appropriate units of analysis, sensitivity to context, and significant purpose—comparing a First World city from western Europe, North America, the Australian subcontinent, or Japan, with a Third World city of Africa, Asia, or Latin America. The paper will focus on an urban-scale issue that is relevant to both cities, such as poverty alleviation, housing provision, metropolitan governance, community development, multiculturalism, catalytic projects, urban form, or local control in the face of economic globalization.

The research paper will be prepared and developed during the semester in four phases.

1 Two page research proposal (PDF) Due in Ses #3 5%
2 Five-page outline and summary (PDF) Due in Ses #11 10%
3 15 minute audio-visual presentation (PDF) Due in Ses #24-25 20%
4 Twenty-five page final paper (PDF) Due at the end of the semester 40%
  Attendance and contribution to seminar   25%


Each assignment will build upon the previous one, based on feedback and new information. The instructor will work with each student at every phase of the research paper development process. All submitted assignments should be double-spaced.

Please note that late assignments will be graded half a grade down for every day they are late.