“When I was in high school I had close to a 4.0 GPA, and I had planned to go to college. Unfortunately tragedy struck when my father died one year before I would have graduated, and consequently I was not even able to finish high school (I later got a GED). After that happened, life got away from me, and the prospects of my going to college disappeared. Nearly ten years later, in spite of my busy schedule, I was finally able to learn Calculus I thanks to these great lectures and course materials that are online. I feel that a previously closed door has been reopened to me.”
– Carl, USA

“I have a mental disorder, and I cannot study in a traditional university setting. MIT OCW made it possible for me to follow university courses despite of my disorder. I am really grateful for this. It gave me back some part of my life that I had not expected to experience anymore.”
– Monika, Hungary

“It’s great having online courses available to every person from one of the best universities of the world. MIT has always been very focused towards its goal of providing education to all sections of the society and I hope this reaches bigger heights. I am currently going through Quantum Physics I (8.04) and Introduction to Computer Science (6.00SC). My school doesn't provide any such courses or classes on these topics. I always wanted to be a physicist and computer scientist. And MIT OCW is helping me greatly achieve my goals in life. Again, from my deepest sense of gratitude, I thank all of MIT for their years of teaching excellence.”
– Satya, India

Dear Friend of OCW,

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We know education has the power to change peoples’ lives for the better, and we are humbled by the many people from around the world who write in to tell us how OCW resources have done just that.

These stories reinforce how vital OCW’s open and free educational resources are to people who are eager to learn and who have few resources at hand.

The Cost of Being Free

Over the past year, OCW has worked assiduously to increase our efficiency while decreasing our publication expenses. We’ve reduced last year’s budget of $3.7M by 25%, to $2.7M. MIT remains our financial mainstay by committing funds to support half of our costs. The rest must be supported by corporate underwriters and donations from people like you.

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But publishing new course materials and other resources like video lectures and educator interviews, and hosting a vast array of free content from MIT’s curriculum, and sharing it all openly so that it is available for reuse, remixing, and re-distribution, requires substantial funding.

How You Can Help

The vast majority of the 37,000 learners who use our site every day can’t afford to donate. Our mission is to offer access to these people and to others motivated to learn and improve their knowledge and circumstances. If you are able to donate $25, $50, $100, or whatever amount feels right, you can make a huge impact.

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Please be assured your donation will be put to good use. Help us continue to support the millions of people who use our materials every month—visit our site to make your donation now.


Joseph Pickett
Publication Director
MIT OpenCourseWare

P.S. Here is more feedback from our learners on why they support or appreciate OCW:

“Ever since I became disabled, two years, I've been studying your courseware. If it wasn't for OCW, I think I would have gone mad. I have a BFA in Painting from Pratt and a Post Grad degree in Nuclear Medicine. I'd love to finish my Master's in Art History online, coursework, that is. Thank you for the invaluable service MIT provides.
– Roxana, Independent Learner, USA

“Thank you for the breadth, availability, and quality of the materials here. I started using MIT OCW in 2008 on the recommendation of my 8th-grade History teacher and stumbled across 6.00. Out of curiosity, I tried it... and ended up watching all of the lectures. One degree later, I am now a professional software engineer. As a female in a school district with no CS classes or resources, I may have never tried it if not for MIT OCW. You have had a huge positive impact on my life. Thank you so much for making these resources available.”
– Anonymous

“I’m starting my career as physics teacher at Brazil that has a very low education level, but I have improved my classes with your material. I teach very poor student communities and the material is very good and important to all of us. Thanks so much!”
– Francisco, Educator, Brazil

“I would love to Thank your school for Open Course ware. You have no idea how much this means to me. How much it means to my community. It brings tears to my eyes to watch my peers learn what they may not had been able to because of where we live. How we grow up and the people around us. You are giving us an opportunity we may not have otherwise. And I AM TRULY GRATEFUL.
– Yliza, Educator, USA

“Thank you for this wonderful website! As a student, I struggle to find sufficient resources to satisfy my curiosity as I usually read outside of my course outlines. With this website, I feel that I can achieve so much more than I already have.
– Ian, Student, Australia

“A wonderful tool for multidisciplinary research. As a PhD student with a math degree in a biology department trying to build 1D ocean models, I am often forced to work in isolation from my fellow students and professors. MIT OCW has been invaluable to my research by filling in gaps in my general understanding of physics, biology, chemistry and oceanography.
– Chris, Student, Denmark

“I wanted to learn more about the field of Biology but the hurdle is there is no good library in Nepal and as well as there is dearth of University which teaches this subject in Nepal. With MIT OCW I am able to learn about mathematics and computational biology.
– Eric, Independent Learner, Nepal

“I am a Clinical Psychologist who works with Army personnel who have been traumatized in combat and are transitioning out of service due to psychiatric impairments related to their combat experiences. One young sergeant plans to attend university to study business and recently told me about how he has been listening to your online courses on economics. Your courses are giving this very traumatized young man a sense of hope and direction he has otherwise lost. Thank you for what you are giving people like him. You have my fullest gratitude. You are making a difference, you really are.”
– George, Parent, USA