Bonus Video 3: It's Complicated


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Ever wonder if MIT students have love lives?

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LINA: I feel like relationships complicate everything.


LINA: Emily's actually the biggest matchmaker you've ever seen.

EMILY: Speaking about personalize lives, this prompted Lina to start asking everyone personal questions.

LINA: How did you and your husband get together? Do you ever matchmake people? When you look at all of us, do you matchmake us?

PHIL: No. They find each other.

LINA: Really? Oh. A lot of people seem to enjoy giving me advice. One of the reasons my parents wanted me to come to MIT was so I could find a really nice MIT man. They want my husband to make the money.

I want to be a strong woman who can support herself. I'm going to be raising my own household of one person. I'm going to live by myself on a really nice mountain next to a waterfall, play music, just commune with God and nature. They tell me I'm really weird.

ANTHONY: Dating here is just like dating anywhere else.

IKE: I'm single. I'm single. I can't commit right now.

ROO-RA: I just don't like relationships.

IKE: Girls like too much attention, you know?

ROO-RA: I'm not into the whole clingy thing.

IKE: Because they're going to be, oh could you come take me out? Call me. Text me.

ROO-RA: Let's hang out all the time and call each other-- I don't know.

IKE: I can't do all that. It's too much. Too much pressure.

ROO-RA: Too much drama.