Episode 6: Crystal Cloudy


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Dr. John Dolhun declares a winner in the crystal growing competition. But another student disagrees and issues a challenge!

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PHIL: I mean everyone will probably eat lunch. It's just a matter of where they eat it and who they eat it with and if they pay for it. I mean, I'm sure everyone's going to eat lunch on a day, but some are going to have to buy their own. Some are going to be dining with me.


NARRATOR: Yesterday in 5.301, the students set up their crystal growing experiments, and some are growing fast.

JULIE: My crystal was the first to form. I think this is the largest one I've seen so far. So I thought I had won.

JOHN DOLHUN: Well, Julie did get her crystal. So I saw it with my own eyes.

NARRATOR: Other crystals are growing too, but their owner isn't looking. When Jason finally checks up on his crystals, they're looking good.

TENGFEI: In this well, we have several a single crystals, and they are all big.

JASON: She had a crystal first, but I haven't been checking mine daily. So I might have a crystal first. I don't know.

TENGFEI: Congratulations.

JASON: Thank you.

JULIE: I had a single crystal.

JASON: But I had multiple single crystals.

JULIE: What?

JASON: I had multiple single crystals.

JULIE: But my crystal came first.


JULIE: I'm not going to bring it up. I'm still the winner as of right now.

JASON: I'm gonna bring it up. I won. I had the largest crystal. I just didn't check it because I didn't want to disturb it. Mine is definitely bigger, clearly.

JULIE: OK, but mine crystallized like made a single crystal first.

JASON: And like Julie was like, I won, I won, I won. I've got this tiny little crystal. I just got it first. No. The competition was the largest crystal in one week period. So I checked after one week.

JULIE: His fault for not talking to Dr. Dolhun earlier. So--

JASON: If I would have just like looked at it earlier and told Dr. Dolhun earlier, I have a crystal growing, then I would have won.

JOHN DOLHUN: But you see yeah, Jason, if you would have came forward--

JASON: I checked mine later. And then I told Dr. Dolhun. He was like, yeah, but Julie won.

JOHN DOLHUN: We've already declared a winner here.

JULIE: Mine. Fantastic.

JASON: Julie rubs it in my face all the time.

JULIE: I mean, I was already declared the winner, so he can't, yeah. He's honorable mention.

NARRATOR: So Julie wins the prize, lunch for her and a friend or so she thinks.

PHIL: They both grew really beautiful single crystals. So the whole class got to enjoy a lunch with the TAs and the instructor.

PHIL: We ended up going to Chinatown for dim sum. And I have actually never tried dim sum before. So I got to try a lot of new foods, chicken feet, and tripe.

JASON: It's basically the lining of a cow's stomach, I think.

PHIL: It was good. It was good. I always enjoy trying new food, so everyone had a really good time. I've never felt so close to dying in my entire life.