OpenCourseWare bundles for edX

As a first step towards building integrations between MIT OpenCourseWare and online MITx courses offered on edX, we have begun experimenting with converting OCW courses into "edX bundles," a file format that can be used with the open-source edX Platform. To be clear, this is an experiment at this point, and could not even be considered a beta. edX has very limited support for their platform, and OCW can only support the content offered on the OCW web site.

We have chosen to distribute these edX bundles through the social coding web site, This site makes is easier for course developers and other users to make changes to the code and submit them back to us for corrections. is free for open source projects like OpenCourseWare, and you do not need to even register to download the course code.

To use an edX bundle of a course, you will first need to install and run edX, which requires familiarity with a range of technologies. Find out more at Once you have a working instance of edX Studio, follow these directions.

If you have any feedback or comments, please use the [edx-code] mailing list, or submit an issue on

Courses available as edX bundles: