Week 5: Presenting Your Work

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Once you've captured a quality image of your device or object, there is still work to do. This week we will investigate how best to incorporate your pictures into figures for publication, and to use them as powerful means to speak with the public. In addition, an important component in this week will be a discussion of image enhancement—how far are we permitted to go when adjusting images in science?


Using your photographs in figures, showing scale, movement, and submitting for covers and homepages.

Course Videos

Video 18: Designing Graphics

Video 19: Time and Scale

Video 20: Cover Submissions

Video 21: Image "Enhancement"

Video 22: Speaking to the Public

Guest Lecture: Kelly Krause, Creative Director, Nature


  • Think about the way Felice incorporated photographs into informational figures in Video 18: Designing Graphics. Using this as a guide, find an existing informational figure that includes a photo. You may find examples in a textbook, journal article, technical brochure / manual, or other resource. Critique the figure and the image in it. What works well in this figure? What does not? How could the figure be improved?
  • Create an informational figure of your own. Use one of the images you've take in this course to build two versions
    • A figure for a technical audience (for a journal or a grant submission)
    • A figure for the public
    Carefully consider these figure legends, labeling, titling, what to add and what to subtract. Comment on the differences between them and what you think works well in the figures you've created.
  • After watching and listening to this week's case study on image enhancement, do you think it was acceptable for Felice to make these three changes:
    1. Adjust the color of some of the rods when the film did not capture the color orange
    2. Delete the cracks in the agar
    3. Adjust the histogram for the gel runs

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Summing Up

Week 5 Summary (PDF)

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