1.2 Challenges and Opportunities as You Enter the Workforce

Many of the challenges facing today's workforce are felt most vividly by the so called "Millennial Generation", i.e., individuals born in the mid-1980s and after. In the following video, MIT Sloan student Meryam and Wellesley College student Eileen offer Millennials' perspectives on their generation, including their desires for work and their responsibilities for the future. Please answer the attentiveness question (located below the video) when you are finished watching.

Video: The Millennial Generation's Views on the American Dream

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Attentiveness Question

According to the video, which of the following are NOT part of many Millennials' American Dreams?

Exercise 1


Future managers are expected to be flexible in allowing their employees to decide how, when and where should they work to be more productive.Also the managers shouls listen to their employees and engage them in problem solving activities.