Hiragana Exercise Sheet - Listening #1

Click on the audio file after each word or phrase to hear it pronounced. All pronunciation recordings for this section are available to download here: (ZIP - 3.0MB) (This ZIP file contains: 26 .mov files.)

Section A

  1. asa ("morning") あさ (MOV)
  2. eki ("station") えき (MOV)
  3. uti ("house") うち (MOV)
  4. oka ("hill") おか (MOV)
  5. asita ("tomorrow") あした (MOV)
  6. isu ("chair") いす(MOV)
  7. osake ("rice wine") おさけ (MOV)
  8. sekai ("world") せかい (MOV)
  9. kotosi ("this year") ことし (MOV)
  10. tukue ("desk") つくえ (MOV)

Section B

  1. wakarimasu ("[I] understand.") わかります。(MOV)
  2. tigaimasu. ("[It's] wrong.")ちがいます。(MOV)
  3. hai, tukurimasita ("Yes, [I] made [it].") はい、つくりました。(MOV)
  4. asitadekimasu. ("Tomorrow [it] will be done/possible.") あしたできます。(MOV)
  5. iie, kimasendesita. ("No, [I] didn't come.") いいえ、きませんでした。(MOV)

Section C

  1. いえ ("house") (MOV)
  2. くつ ("shoe") (MOV)
  3. あそこ ("over there") (MOV)
  4. ちかてつ ("subway") (MOV)
  5. おととい ("day before yesterday") (MOV)
  6. せき ("seat") (MOV)
  7. たかい ("expensive") (MOV)
  8. すし ("rice with raw fish") (MOV)
  9. しこく ("Shikoku Island") (MOV)
  10. つかう ("to use") (MOV)
  11. きく ("to listen") (MOV)

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