Red Ball During Class

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Kyle Keane leads the class in an improv comedy activity called “red ball” in order to help students become more comfortable with each other and get to express themselves a bit non-verbally.

STUDENT: All right.

It's a ball.

STUDENT: Red ball.

KYLE KEANE: Hold the red ball for a moment.

And then, you're going to start tossing it again.

But I'm going to add a blue ball in.


KYLE KEANE: And now you guys have got to keep all the balls in the air.

All right.

So I'm gonna give the creation of the blue ball to else.

Would you like to create the blue ball?


KYLE KEANE: All right.

All right.

And then it should be kind of distinct from the red ball.

[LAUGHTER] And when you're ready, pass the blue ball.

And when you're ready, pass the red ball.

Let's see if we can keep both going.

STUDENT: So red ball?

STUDENT: Red ball.

STUDENT: Blue ball.