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Kyle Keane describes a basic icebreaker for the class to introduce themselves to each other by providing information about things like where they are from, their favorite food, and what they hope to do in the class.

KYLE KEANE: So today, we're going to do something where we talk about our name.

Renew icebreakery thing for like 15-- well, no, there's a lot of people-- 20 minutes.

Name, what brought you here.

And, oh yeah, right off the bat I'll say the more you all talk, the less I talk.

So you'll get sick of my voice, I promise.

I am very monotonous at times.

And so, the more you guys participate by saying words, the less you have to hear my voice.

So I would like three things that we would like to know about each other.

So if you could say-- I need three more bullet points about things that we're going to say.

This is the moment where you talk, otherwise I just have a compulsion.

I want to hear my voice constantly, that's why I'm in front of a classroom.

AUDIENCE: Favorite video game.

KYLE KEANE: Favorite video game.


Oh, that's so well-themed.


All right.

No, honestly.

We had one-handed food during the seminar I was teaching, but, yeah, favorite video game is really on point.

I can write, I promise.

There we go.

All right, favorite video game.

I can do this.

AUDIENCE: Programming background?

KYLE KEANE: Programming background, sure.

Do we want to know languages or-- AUDIENCE: Either languages, amount of rough-- amount of experience.

Things like that.

KYLE KEANE: All right.

So something about your general level of experience.

And if you have nothing to say about that, then just say [INAUDIBLE]-- and that's perfectly fine.

That gives us a good read on what's happening there.

One more bullet point.

Are these called bullet points when they're dashes?

Maybe they're just called dashes.

AUDIENCE: Close enough.

KYLE KEANE: Falsima, was it?

AUDIENCE: Close enough.

KYLE KEANE: Close enough.

Oh, yes, that's good.

AUDIENCE: You can call them bullets-- squashed bullets.

KYLE KEANE: Squashed bullets-- I like that.

All right.

One more fun thing.

AUDIENCE: How about what you might do with Unity?


All right.

What do you want to do?

Well, if you think that that's different than what brought you here.

AUDIENCE: All right, fair enough.


All right.

I like it, but all right, so-- the vision for the type of game.

Because some of you may have come with this, oh my god, I have this amazing side scroller that involves pajamas and bed sheets.

So you can feel free to share that here.

What type of game or what you want to do.

I know that it's way too small, but that's all right.

We'll get it from example, once each other starts sharing.

AUDIENCE: Where you're from.

KYLE KEANE: Where you're from-- I love that one.

There's so many fun things-- I'm from Southern California.

And when I was in Southern California, most people were from Southern California.

But now that I am in Cambridge, I get so excited.

I'm like, that person-- I had a freshman in my seminar this year that was from my neighboring city in Southern California.

It was so exciting.

All right.

So-- AUDIENCE: [INAUDIBLE] KYLE KEANE: It is Chino Hills, California, which is a tiny weird little city that is not really connected to many other cities.

AUDIENCE: Near LA, I'm guessing.

KYLE KEANE: It's in-between LA and San Diego and out into the desert.