Introducing Introductions

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Kyle Keane describes the first ice breaker of the class and how we will manage the task of having everyone introduce themselves.

KYLE KEANE: All right.

So on a scale of zero to 10, how energetic is everyone feeling?

I'm going to count to three and then-- hey, is that a super familiar face?



Yeah, so on the count of three, I want everyone to say a number between zero and 10 about how much energy you're feeling about being here today.

So I don't want to project.

I'm feeling a little bit low energy.

So I don't want to project.

So if you guys feel good, tell me you feel good so that I know that my internal state is not your state.

It's really important to gauge these things sometimes.

All right.

So 1, 2, 3.


There was a gradient in this direction, but all right.

That's good.

Nobody went down to three, which is about where I am.

Unless there was any threes out there-- if there are, come talk to me after.

There's support services.

And we can go together and get a little bumped up.

But yeah, so again, I want social interaction today.

So we're going to do something quicker than yesterday, but I want people to introduce yourself and say a random animal and make that animal's noise if you can, or attempt to.

So I'm Kyle and-- it doesn't even have to-- I'm trying to make it rhyme or have alliteration.

Doesn't even have to be that.

I'm going to say Kyle, cat, meow.

That's most-- OK, meow.

That's more like an actual cat says.

That's not what we represent cats saying.

Yeah, so try to look around and figure out people's names and maybe one other thing, something personal about us that we can get to know some type of thing.

And what's a good-- AUDIENCE: What we want to eat for dinner.


All right.

What you're hoping to have for dinner tonight.

Thank you.

All right, so Kyle, probably Thai food, but that's because it's my default and I never know what else to do, so Thai food.

All right.

So with you guys-- AUDIENCE: I'm Mark.

I'm probably going to end up having pasta tonight, maybe Soylent.

Who knows?

We'll see.


AUDIENCE: You really drink Soylent?

AUDIENCE: I survived off of that for weeks at a time.

AUDIENCE: Just like just Soylent, nothing else?

AUDIENCE: Just Soylent.


KYLE KEANE: Anybody not know what Soylent is?


KYLE KEANE: Not Soylent Green.


AUDIENCE: It's like a better version of Ensure.



But it has all the nutrients that a human needs to survive.

And you just drink it and you never have to worry about food.

But-- AUDIENCE: It's easy and it's cheap.

Those are all the requirements a student should-- and my favorite animal is the prairie dog.

I don't really know what sound they make, but I think it's like [CLICKING]..


That was nice.


All right.

Thank you.

So today, at some point, you're going to break up into groups.

And at some point, I'm going to do a pop quiz and you're going to have to tell me the names of the people in your group, because I forgot to do that yesterday and I wonder how many of you know the names of the people that were in your group.

I'm not going to ask you about yesterday, but today I will ask you about that.

So I mean, some of you may have known the names.

Thumbs up if you did.